Authorizing Phone via PyronixCloud


You need to login the PyronixCloud website to authorize the phone. Before you can authorize the phone, you need to register a PyronixCloud account and connect the device to PyronixCloud.

Creating PyronixCloud Account


  1. Go to via PC to register an account.
  2. 1

  3. Click Create an account and complete the form.
  4. Note: Once the form is completed, you will receive an email from [email protected] with a confirmation link. Click this link and you can continue on to PyronixCloud and connect your control panel.

  5. Return to PyronixCloud home page and login.

Connecting Device to PyronixCloud


  1. Input the device system ID in the System ID field.
  2. 1

  3. Input the device cloud password that you entered into the Pyronix control panel.
  4. Click Submit to complete the operation.
  5. Input a system reference to set a different name for the device.
  6. Click Submit to complete the operation.
  7. Notes:

    • The system ID is the device unique ID. You can get the system ID via the device. For details, see the specific device user manual.
    • The device cloud password should be set via the device. For details, see the specific device user manual.
    • After clicking the Submit button, you will receive an email. Click the confirmation link in the email to continue.
    • The control panel will be appeared on View Systems page. You can click the tick at the upper-right corner of the page to make sure the device is connected successfully.

Authorizing Phone


  1. On the View Systems page, click a device system ID to enter the device user list page.
  2. Note: Make sure the device status is OK.

  3. Select a user in the User column and click the permission icon 1. Make sure the user is from the phone that you want to authorize.
  4. The icon will turn to 1.

    Note: The user name in the User column is the account user name of the Hik-Connect app.

  5. Click Save Now to save the settings.
  6. Then you can access to the device via the phone successfully.