Changing Super Password for Access Control Device


You can change the access control device's super password by following the steps.

Note: The function is for access control device only.

  1. Enter the Annke Vision page, and then enter the Settings page in one of following ways.
    • Option 1
    • On the Annke Vision page, if you are in the list mode, slide the device's name to left and tap 1.

    • Option 2
    • On the Annke Vision page, if you are in the thumbnail mode, tap the device's name or tap .

    • Option 3
    • Enter the Live View page. Tap and tap Settings.

  2. On the Settings page, tap Change Password to enter the Change Password page.
  3. Input the old password and tap Next.
  4. Note: If it is the first time to set the super password, skip this step.

  5. Input a new password and tap Next.
  6. Confirm the new password and tap Finish.
  7. Note: The password should contain 6 numbers.