Changing Device Verification Code


You can change the device verification code for the network camera and Mini Tooper.

Note: The device verification code is used for encrypting the device's live view, playback, and alarm message. See Enabling and Disabling Video and Image Encryption for details.


  1. Enter the Annke Vision page, and then enter the Settings page in one of following ways.
    • Option 1
    • On the Annke Vision page, if you are in the list mode, slide the device's name to left and tap 1.

    • Option 2
    • On the Annke Vision page, if you are in the thumbnail mode, tap the device's name or tap .

    • Option 3
    • Enter the Live View page. Tap and tap Settings.

  2. Tap Change Verification Code, and then tap Edit on the pop-up Prompt to enter the Change Verification Code page.
  3. Input the old verification code, and then tap Next.
  4. Create a new verification code and confirm it.

Note: New pictures and videos will be encrypted by the new verification code afterwards. But the earlier encrypted pictures and videos still use the old verification code.