Editing Others' Shared Device


You can edit others' shared device alias and device domain name.

Before you start:

You have received device sharing messages from others.

Note: For details about receiving device sharing messages from others, see Receiving Sharing Messages.


  1. On the Annke Vision page, tap to enter the list mode.
  2. Tap the device that shared by others to enter the Device Information page.
  3. You can view the device information including the device alias and the device domain name.

  4. (Optional) If the device contains linked cameras, you can also view the names of the linked cameras and their online status.
  5. (Optional) Tap Delete to delete the device from the device list.
  6. You can do the following operations.
    • Tap Device Information to enter the Device Information page. You can edit the device domain name.
    • Tap Alias to enter the Edit Device page.
    • You can edit the device's alias. If the device has linked cameras, you can edit the linked devices' alias.