Live View


When the device is successfully added, you can start and stop the live view, control PTZ movement, manage two-way audio, capture, record and operate other functions.

The table displayed below is the icon description on the Live View page. You can slide the toolbar to view all icons.




Start/stop the selected live view window.

1 1

Start/stop all live videos.


Turn audio on/off.

Tap to select the window division mode. You can select 1-window, 4-window, 9-window, 12-window, or 16-window.


Enable digital zoom function.


Start/stop controlling PTZ.


Start/stop two-way audio.

1 Capture.
1 Record.


For Annke Vision device, HD, standard, and basic video quality can be selected.

For local device, Clear and fluent video quality can be select. You can also customize the video quality.

Note: The icon displays the current video quality.


Open the door.

Note: For the video intercom device or the access control device only.


Enable the fisheye mode.


  • The function should be supported by the fisheye camera.
  • The icon displayed on the Live View page will be changed according to the actual fisheye expansion mode.


Enable the mirror mode. The video will be played in its mirror mode.

Note: The function should be supported by the device.


Trigger the camera linked alarm output function.

Note: The function should be supported by the device.

For details about starting and stopping live view, see Starting and Stopping Live View.

For details about switching window division, see Switching Window Division.

For details about setting digital zoom, see Setting Digital Zoom.

For details about controlling PTZ, see Controlling PTZ.

For details about setting two-way audio, see Setting Two-way Audio.

For details about capturing and recording video, see Capturing and Recording.

For details about setting live view quality, see Setting Live View Quality.

For details about setting fisheye, see Playing in Fisheye Expansion Mode.

For details about opening door when operating video intercom device or the access control device, see Opening Door.