Managing Calling Messages of Video Intercom Device


If no one answers the call of the indoor station for a while, the call will be forwarded to the client.

Note: The call forwarding time duration can be set on the indoor station setting page. The available set time duration is from 0 to 20s.


  1. Tap the calling message. The following calling page will be popped up.

  2. Tap the icon 1 to enter the live view page of the video intercom device.
  3. Or tap the icon 1 to decline the call.

  4. Tap the icon 1 or 1 to play or stop the door station live view.
  5. If you answer the call, you can tap the icon 1 to mute.

    Or tap the icon 1 to open the door.


    • If you do not answer the call, the calling page will be keep until the call is hanged up. A message will pop up on your phone.
    • Up to 6 users can view the live view of the same door station at the same time. For more than 6 users, other users cannot use the live view function. Only the audio function can be used.
    • The calling messages of the video intercom device cannot be displayed on the Messages page.