The Annke Vision mobile client (Android) is designed for the phone based on the Android 4.0 or above, which can generally manage your products. By adopting Annke Vision, you can remotely control NVRs, DVRs, network cameras, indoor stations, doorbell, security control panels, the Pyronix device, the access control device, etc. Sharing your devices to other account and receiving sharing messages from others' account are available.
The Annke Vision mobile client (Android) provides the Annke Vision service for managing Annke Vision account and the added devices. You can also add the local device without logging in the Annke Vision account.

With this APP installed in your phone, you can log onto the devices via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.


System Requirement

Android 4.0 or above.


In order to simplify the description, we define the "Annke Vision mobile client (Android)" as "client", "DVR", "NVR", "encoder", "network camera", etc. as "device" in the following chapters, and devices adding to the Annke Vision service as "Annke Vision Device".