Adding Local Device


You can add the device via the device IP or domain name directly.

You can select either adding device by scanning QR code or adding device manually.

Before you start:

If you want to add the access control device, activate it before adding. You should activate it via other clients.


  1. Tap and select Manual Adding.
  2. Select IP/Domain as the adding type.
  3. 1

  4. Set the device parameters.
  5. Alias: Edit a name for the device as desired.

    Address: Enter the device IP address or domain name.

    Port: Enter the device port. By default, the port No. is 8000.

    User Name: Input the user name of the added device.
    Password: Enter the password of the added device.

    Camera No.: The number of the camera(s) under the device can be obtained after the device is successfully added.
  6. Tap to start searching the device. The search result will be displayed.


    • If the device is offline, you should connect the device to a network. For details, see Connecting to Network.
    • If the device is not activated, the Activate Device page will be popped up (exclude the access control device). You should activate the device. For details,see Activating Device.