Setting Partition Status

Before your start:

Add the Pyronix control panel to the client. For details, see Adding Pyronix Control Panel.


  1. Tap the Pyronix control panel's name on the Annke Vision page and verify the device to enter the Area (Partition) page.
  2. You will see the alarm outputs and all areas (partitions) listed on the page.

    Note: For details about verifying device and authorize the phone, see Verifying Device and Authorizing Phone via PyronixCloud.


  3. You can do the following operations to operate the control panel.
    • Trigger Alarm Output: Tap to trigger the alarm output. For details, see Controlling Alarm Output Remotely.
    • Arm or Disarm: Tap or to Arm or Disarm the area (partition).
    • View Zone Status: You can view the zone status on this page. You can tap to set zone information. For details, see Viewing Zone Status.